Using R to visualize disparities in student debt and college attainment

Data suggests student debt bites twice.

First, stalling wealth creation.

Second, if it prevents people from finishing college, this further sets back wealth creation.

Previously, I examined differences in college degree attainment, between White, Black and Hispanic Americans.

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The Widening Gap [1] lead to a hypothesis:

Wealth inequality is positively…

Rule-based Sentiment Analysis Using Python and R

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Why Sentiment Analysis?

NLP is subfield of linguistic, computer science and artificial intelligence (wiki), and you could spend years studying it.

However, I wanted a quick dive to a get an intuition for how NLP works, and we’ll do that via sentiment analysis, categorizing text by their polarity.

We can’t help but feel…

Use R to find out which metrics drive people to click on your profile

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Overview & Setup

This post uses various R libraries and functions to help you explore your Twitter Analytics Data. The first thing to do is download data from The assumption here is that you’re already a Twitter user and have been using for at least 6 months.

Once there, you’ll click on…

Using code to develop a feel for how machine learning optimization works

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In this post, we’ll explore Gradient Descent from the ground up starting conceptually, then using code to build up our intuition brick by brick.

While this post is part of an ongoing series where I document my progress through Data Science from Scratch by Joel Grus, for this post I…

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